We are ACCO, Ltd.

A forward thinker in the apparel industry,

Acco Ltd. is fully capable of helping any textile needs turn into life, while delivering optimum quality.

Who are we?

At ACCO Ltd., we’re at the forefront of the global textile and apparel industry since our establishement in 2005, working as the go-to partner sourcing for global retailers and brands.

We are the product specialists designing and creating beautiful trend-driven apparel by utilizing our extensive knowledge of yarn and technical know-how; leveraging our market intelligence and competitive sourcing capabilities to work for our customers.

Our Work

Do you have an idea envisioned? Turn the dream into something tangible. Check out our portfolio for past samples.


We are customer centric. Our multi-country manufacturing base provides our partners with maximum flexibility in terms of order volumes, lead time, product expertise and price points. We track deliveries and keep clients updated on timely manner.

We’ve developed technical know-how that has met the needs of the most discerning designers. Our centralized pattern-making and sampling platform delivers speed with precision. We have seasoned technicians ready to tackle and solve technical challenges.


We provide logistics solutions ranging from FOB to LDP services and on-shoring warehousing to direct-to-consumer shipments from Asia.

How we do it

It’s as easy as
1, 2, 3



Our parent company, Guangzhou Textiles Holding Limited, uses modern tech processes to produce the finest material


Los Angeles

We as acco maintain the middle man role in the process, engaging with both you and our parent company to ensure the process to go smoothly



You will be delivered your orders with the utmost quality, comfort, and detail with careful speed and precision

Our Core Competencies

  • Denim
  • Sweater
  • Activewear
  • Swimwear
  • Fabric Sourcing and Development
  • Manufacturing and Quality Control
  • Design, R&D

Our Porfolio

Denim with Wash

Activewear with performance



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Tel: (213) 622-7788

Email: Info@ACCOLtd.com

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Tel: +1 (213) 622-7788

Email: info@accoltd.com


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