ACCO Ltd. is the US branch office representing Guangzhou Textiles Holding Ltd. (GZTEX) headquartered in Guangzhou of China. Being one of the largest textiles and apparel company in China, we have the flexibility and versatility to serve a diversified portfolio of well-known brands and retailers. With our liaison office in Bangladesh (coming in late 2019), we are constantly connected with our clients providing timely support on product development, sourcing, production, communication, logistics, and account management.

Our Mission

We strive to establish a long-term partnership with our customers by staying one step ahead of the curve, envisioning the future of quality products and services that will satisfy customer demands

Our Products

  • Denim with Wash Innovation Support.
  • Sweater with Fashionable Details
  • Activewear
  • Textiles – Variety Fabrics
  • Swimwear

Our Invitation

We invite you to visit our factories and R&D center in China or let our branch office in Los Angeles, CA to assist you. Quotations, samples, and delivery lead times can be discussed when provided with product development packages. We handle the documentation and logistics up to the clients’ warehouse. We aim to build an everlasting relationship and become your long-term supplier.

Our Strength

  • Complete control over fabric development with vertical set up beginning from the yarn.
  • Ability to orchestrate and facilitate suitable sourcing within China and S.E. Asia.
  • Commit to quality, consistency, and reasonable costing.
  • Scaleable capacity, MOQ from 2,000 pieces per style to program over 1 million pieces.
  • Multiple production options in China and S.E. Asia (e.g. Bangladesh, Cambodia, Vietnam).
  • Well-equipped in logistics including timely delivery to warehouses in U.S. and Canada.

Our Core Departments

  • Denim Division
  • Sweater Division
  • Activewear Division
  • Swimwear Division
  • Fabric Sourcing and Development Division
  • Manufacturing and Quality Control Division
  • Design, R&D

We are located at the heart of Los Angeles!




1055 W 7th, Suite 2245

Los Angeles, CA 90017


Tel: +1 (213) 622-7788



110 E 9th St A1155, Los Angeles, CA 90079, USA